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by: Colleen Skiles










A few days after the conclusion of #ISTE18, a blog post by Mike Crowley received a lot attention.  The blog sent the EdTech world a buzz centered around Google’s big announcement - “lock-mode” for Google Form. Teachers can now set up quiz in Google Form, push it out to students in Google Classroom and locks the students from opening more tabs basically stops the students from searching the internet for answers. Google stated that the feature was developed after receiving feedback from educators, essentially stating “hey you all wanted this!” I am not a teacher that wanted this or will use it. My district has a learning management system (Canvas) that has this feature, I have never once used it in my classroom.  


I do think this is a screenshot of our educational society and that is the point that Mr. Crowley is trying to make. Computers grading student work, standardized testing, common assessments, common standards...see the theme here. Common, standard, same, everyone just alike, everyone fitting into a nice, neat, little industrial sized box.  If that is how education is viewed by society then that is direction EdTech will take.


The question remains….is EdTech dead?  For me...no not yet.

The Death of EdTech?