More Than A Hashtag 

EDU Leadership, Engagement & Advocacy


More Than A Hashtag

EDU Leadership, Engagement & Advocacy

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This is an image of EduGladiators NEW podcast called Real Talk Education.

NEW Podcast

Real Talk Education


It’s time to have some “real talk” about the topics facing real teachers, real leaders and real students.

Each week we will unapologetically examine the real challenges in education PLUS provide tips to help you navigate curriculum, leadership, DEI, engagement advocacy, misinformation and more!

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Professional Development

EduGladiators Academy

Explore our NEW professional development digital resources for educators, course creators, & coaches designed to optimize your brand or EDU business.


Scale With Ads

Facebook Ads Challenge 

Not running Facebook Ads? Too confusing to even try it? No worries! Join the EduGladiators FB Ads Challenge to SUPERCHARGE your brand or biz!

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FB Ads Challenge

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Automate Social 

Simplify your social media with our NEW EduGladiators Social Media Management Dashboard. 

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Who we are

What began as a simple hashtag during a Twitter chat  quickly evolved into a grass-roots following that has become more than a hashtag. #EduGladiators is a movement - truly a call to action focused on what's BEST for kids!


Having a supportive community is essential to this mission of EduGladiators and that is the purpose of our Facebook group - The Arena.

The conversation continue eah day in The Arena.  Share resources and ask questions to help you "gladiate" for your students!