Revolution has a Hashtag: #EduGladiators

There’s an amazing scene in director Stanley Kuburick’s Hollywood classic Spartacus, where the gladiators, led by iconoclast Kirk Douglas, revolt from inside the arena, sparking a revolutionary uprising. That scene holds symbolic significance as it vividly depicts how a small movement, catapulted by a courageous few, can ignite a wave of historic change. Our #EduGladiators movement and the inspired educators behind it are that much-needed spark!

It's truly a glorious time to be an educator. While perception may lend one to think we’re on the precipice of disaster, a closer look offers a glimpse of a hopeful surge. For the past month, educators nationwide have banded together on Saturday mornings rallying around a revolutionary calling. The revolution is taking back our education system and the courageous few are known as #EduGladiators. Trending week-after-week, the #EduGladiators movement is fulfilling a needed void in proactive, practical procedures that once began as smoldering embers yet have quickly risen to towering flames. From superintendents to undergraduate, prospective teachers, the all-inclusive #EduGladiators revolution seeks nothing short of toppling an archaic education paradigm that has dangerously damaged our country and children’s futures for far too long.

Like Spartacus hurling his trident towards oppression, the #EduGladiators revolution aims for the epicenter of education’s fear-inducing doctrine: standardization. No longer will complacency rule as we begrudgingly accept a retail-based workforce as our country’s sole post-academic outcome. No longer will we accept an industrial-age education model designed to segregate and perpetuate a class-based system, offering only a few a chance at life above the threshold of happiness. No longer will we tolerate profit-laden vendors who grow fat off the failure of children while casting shame and blame on teachers and principals. Thus, the timing of the #EduGladiators revolution aligns with history’s own natural shift towards evolution.

The world is getting smaller yet the competitive demand for highly-qualified, skilled employees grows increasingly larger. With our blinders now peeled-off, we recognize and purposefully plan for an ever-changing global economy, an economy our youth must not only be familiar with but also thrive within – not merely consumers of the latest app or Smart device but creators, entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, architects and skilled-laborers. Our new passion centers around positioning ourselves as global collaborators, unified in a universal fight to better the planet while seeking opportunities amongst the stars. Gone are the ambitions of life at the end of a deep-fry handle replaced with unbridled optimism for a global consortium where the sum of our whole eclipses the once coveted strength of its equal parts.

Now pause for a second. Take a deep breath.

It’s easy to understand we’re all fighting in the same arena. Our schools, age-levels and geographical locations may be varied but the arena itself is unique to no one. We are all fighting for the future of our youth – the future of our families – inside a shrinking arena that has devoured passion and inspiration, forsaken ingenuity and creativity and left the remaining educators tired, apathetic and afraid. However, the evolution of the human spirit has staked its flag in the sand. Pockets of tireless, undaunted #EduGladiators have begun scaling the arena’s walls, paving the way for others to join. Right now you’re either one of two people: A bold EduGladiator actively pushing education’s uprising or a curious bystander, anxiously yet trepidly asking when YOU should join the movement.

Join us as we instill pride and nobility back into the teaching profession. Join us as we orchestrate a new education model, erected from the ashes at our feet – built and crafted by those with vested interest and sweat equity. There’s never been a greater time in education’s history to make an indelible impact.

Join the #EduGladiators revolution!

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